Hudson Valley Functional Medicine

Medical, Nutritional, and Physical care that is personal and professional, under one roof.

We are an integrative functional medicine center with a Registered nurse, Regina Fasano, who also holds an M.N.T. (Master of Nutritional Therapy, a two year degree), physical therapist (Susan Kravitz) with a masters degree and other advanced qualifications, and an MD (Dr. Sheryl Leventhal) who is AFMCP certified and practices functional medicine.

Over 350 new patients were evaluated last year in our center for various chronic conditions including Auto-immune Disease, digestive disorders, Chronic Fatigue, Metabolic Syndrome, Chronic Lyme Disease. We have treated many patients for mold toxin illness as well as other environmental and nutritional issues. We also offer certain IV therapies (intravenous)  such as  IV glutathione and others.

Dr. Leventhal is a former hematologist/oncologist who practiced locally for 13 years, we therefore see many patients for nutritional support during and after treatment. Our physical therapist is also trained in Lymphedema and Cranial Sacral Therapy.

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