About Us

Hudson Valley Functional Medicine is an office practice in Valley Cottage, NY devoted to individualized care based on the principles of functional medicine, which seeks to discover and correct metabolic imbalances to restore health or optimize wellness.  We utilize the traditional methods of patient history, physical exam, body measurements with bioimpedence, lab tests, metabolic tests and neurologic mapping techniques to construct a personal treatment plan that often includes dietary change, supplements, body work, nutritional education, and/or neurotherapy or neurofeedback.

We ask that all patients maintain their relationship with their primary care physician as we are not hospital-affiliated and do not provide urgent care.  In all cases that are complex we will communicate and coordinate our treatment plans with the primary provider(s) of care.

We do not accept or particpate in ANY insurance plans or Medicare.  For private insurance patients we can provide a standard insurance form (HCFA 1500) which is suitable for submission to any insurance company.  Patients are expected to pay on the day of service.

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