Where the Wild Foods Went: A History of Paleolithic Eating

by Dan Schwartz and Dr. S. Leventhal

The Myth of Cardio

endless cardio will break you!


by Dan Schwartz and Dr S Leventhal

The Paleo Diet Explained

Dr. Loren Cordain, the foremost researcher on diet and nutrition has written several books and published countless papers on the topic of the Paleo Diet.  His central premise is that our diet should be based on foods similar to those of our ancestors from the Paleolithic Era some 2.5 million years ago.

Thinking outside the Pillbox - Lyme Disease

Tick season is here!  With over 30,000 cases reported in the US in 2009, Lyme has proven to be a devastating and highly idiosyncratic illness, affecting individuals on multiple organ and system levels.  

Annals of Functional Medicine - Neurofeedback for Treating Attention Disorders

ADHD Brain Scan
Many children, perhaps 5% or more, struggle with attentional problems in school or out.

Modern Times - Pesticides!

With more and more research pointing to the adverse health effects caused from pesticides in commercial agriculture (see this article on the correlation between pesticide use and childhood cancers - more on this subject in the future), I am truly thankful for groups like Rockland Farm Alliance who are working with local governments to support sustainable farming.  See this recent press announcement about Rockland County's latest

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