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Mold Information: Mold Can Hurt You

Chronic and recurrent sinusitis, headache, cognitive and attention problems, anxiety, tremors, fatigue, chronic cough, inflammation in the nose and brain...

Fats Are Essential Too!

Information on Omega-6 Fatty Acids and Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Acid-Alkaline Balance: Role In Chronic Disease And Detoxification

Several researchers have noted that the contemporary Western diet has increased in net acid load relative to diets of the ancestral pre-agricultural Homo sapiens.1-3 Quite possibly, this shift occurred because of the agricultural revolution and the ubiquity of processed grains and shelf-stable food products devoid of essential nutritional components. In addition to this underlying foundational change in diet, there is the overlay of various nutritional fads that have risen and fallen over the past few decades...

Cooking for Kids and Reading for Parents

Cold Laser Therapy

More information about cold laser therapy provided by Susan Kravitz. Powerful healing technique for people suffering from all kinds of neurological, orthopedic and lymphatic conditions.

IV Nutrient Therapies

IV nutrients provide a safe and effective means of delivering vital nutrients to parts of the body where absorption is limited.

How Vibroacoustic Therapy Can Help You

Did you know that…
 every organ and every cell, absorbs and emits sound, and has a specific optimum ‘resonate frequency’?

VibroAcoustics Treatment uses soundwaves to encourage & strengthen the body's natural mechanisms of recovery and restores equilibrium to those areas of the body’s systems that are out of balance.  This Stress Management and Relaxation Therapy reduces symptoms from a wide variety of conditions - moderates serotonin levels, increases endorphins, decreases stress hormones, adrenalin & cortisol, stimulates melatonin, reduces muscular tension & pain.  

Phosphatidylcholine and Glutathione

A summary for IV supplementation of phosphatidylcholine and glutathione.

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